It can be easy to overlook chassis maintenance as any wear or corrosion is generally hidden out of sight. Damage generally occurs from the elements and can result in water damage or a build up of debris such as mud and leaves. As the chassis is made of steel, without adequate protection, the frame may corrode and rust making it brittle, crack, or buckle under the weight of the home.

Signs that your home may need maintenance work include

  • Squeaky or uneven floors
  • Dampness
  • Floor movement
  • Roof cracking (in severe cases)
  • Floor subsidence (in severe cases)

In order to assess the work needed, first we would carry out an inspection. We would then advise on the work needed to your chassis.

Work may include

Replacing old support jacks with new corrosion resistant jacks and cleaning / treating the chassis to prevent any further corrosion.

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